Rogin Farrer

Archiving, Deleting, and Apple iOS Mail

While Dispatch is by and far a superior email client on the iPhone (at least in terms of functionality), I find myself still returning to the stock Mail app. Why? Well, for one, I find it pleasingly minimal. I like to use Dispatch for sending tasks to Things or articles to Instapaper, but the rest of its features, like snippets, is just bloat for me. Apple Mail also supports faster search.

One big gripe I had about Apple Mail, though, was the limited options provided to you when you swipe on an email. For most people, swiping a message to the left gives you three options: trash (or archive), flag, or ‘more,’ which would give you a few more options. The problem for me is that you can easily discard a message, but there’s no option to archive a message.

You can rotate out the trash option for archive, but then you can’t delete the message, etc, etc.

You can find this option by accessing Settings > Mail > YourMailAccount > YourEmailAddress > Advanced.

At some point since the release of iOS 8, however, Apple sneakily added support for both swipe actions in the Inbox list. So now you can select one function above for the ‘swipe left’ menu, and the other function for swiping right.

Hit 'Swipe Right' and you'll reveal the option menu.

Annnnndddd suddenly Apple Mail is so much better. However, I think we’re all still waiting for Share Sheet support…